Patented Lock Technology

Patented Lock Technology
The Lock's patented "D Band" gives core support for both sexes. For men it isolates the male anatomy, for women it supplies hip hugging, butt lifting engineering. Both versions use specific fabrications that differentiate between muscle groups allowing maximum support, maximum comfort, and maximum performance.
The Lock's exclusive core support is completely different than any other short on the market. Our unique fabrics and engineering hold your core and your anatomy snug while allowing your legs complete freedom…unlike compression shorts which sag when they become wet or restrict your stride. Centre yourself Stabilize your core.
You'll have more strength, more power, more energy, more freedom to move, to workout, to strike. Ask any ballet dancer, yogi, martial artist, even weight trainers and they'll all tell you the same thing; when you are centred and stable, you are a force. You'll perform better, last longer, recover faster.
Yusuf Omar, President & CEO of The System, describes it this way:

"The Lock supports the pelvic floor region and prevents you from losing pelvic floor stability, which in turn, helps you lift and move better. The Lock Core Compression Short, for men and women is a first of its kind. It's a garment, but think of it as a patented, engineered piece of equipment. For men, it holds all your anatomy in place so your hips, stomach and core are secure. For women, it pulls your tummy and hips in tight to your core, yet both versions leave your legs free. Marathoner John Bingham gave The Lock a trial run at the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon, and was impressed, saying "The Lock is the most innovative running product I've seen in twenty years."

Try the Patented Lock Technology for yourself and see what your potential really is. 
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