As an offensive lineman for Bowling Green University, I have only been exposed to big brand companies such as UA, Nike, and Adidas who offer similar synthetic compression shorts. I sweat a lot so they get very baggy and smelly. In addition, the waist band would start to rip from the seam causing more discomfort. However, when I tried the Lock core compression short, I was blown away at how dry it stayed even after a long work out or a 90-minute hot yoga class. The breathable material made it much more comfortable and allowed my legs to have better range of motion, even towards the end of my work outs. The anatomical support feels weird at first because I am not used to having it. I guess that’s why it is patented, but after about 10 seconds I felt great and could complete my work out without worrying about anything.

Ryan Hunter, Bowling Green U./ Kansa City Chiefs

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