For four weeks now, I’ve been wearing and testing Lock Apparel Athletik gear, namely “The Lock” core compression shorts and the “Active Cotton” tops and tights. I love that The “Lock” supports my man stuff so securely without sacrificing comfort. I don’t need to wear anything under it, its light, durable, washes easy, stays dry while you workout and most important, there is absolutely no restriction in my agility and general movement! The “Active Cotton” Tops have that same high-quality high-comfort feel. I not only wear these tops during my workouts but have started wearing them casually in public because of the comfort, look and fit. The point of difference between these and other big name brands is “AC’s” ability to manage temperature. I never get too cold or too hot as the “Active Cotton” seems built to support both circumstances. As a boxer, it’s tough to find clothes that will fit around your shoulders and not restrict your punches. Synthetic or regular cotton gear gets wet, sticky and heavy. The “Active Cotton” Tops don’t! I love this gear! Being involved in high level sports for over 15 years, Lock Apparel gear lives up to its hype and is 100% worth it.

Kingsley Alexander National Golden Glove Gold medalist. Toronto, Ont.

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